General Information

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1. One week prior to your child’s start date parents are offered a week of ‘visits’. This week is a settling in period for you and your child. You both can attend for short periods of time to get to know the early years educators and children in your child’s group. Parents are asked to fill in a new baby / child form with the key person in their child’s room. This allows us to discuss your child’s interests, likes/ dislikes and routine. This week of ‘visits’ helps your child to transition smoothly into the crèche setting. Our transition period is child led, if a child needs longer to settle into the service, we can facilitate this by offering a second week of visits at a small price. We aim to make the settling in period a positive experience by working in close partnership with parents / carers to best meet their child’s needs.

2. Parents should bring in a small back pack with one or two full changes of clothes and their child’s daily record book every day. There is a good chance their clothes may get messy during the day and we ask parents to bear this in mind when dressing your child. If your child is potty training or using the toilet please ensure they have clothes that they can manage independently.

3. Baby room parents must bring in bottles and formula or expressed milk for their baby every day (we facilitate mums who want to breast feed their baby by providing a cosy corner and nursing chair for both mum and baby to relax).

4. If your child wears nappies parents are asked to bring in a sufficient supply with cream and wipes for their time in crèche, we ask parents not to supply ‘pull up’ style nappies, as these are not very absorbent and very cumbersome for practitioners who change dozens of nappies throughout the day.

5. We have a positive behaviour management policy in crèche where we teach the children to self-regulate their behaviour. The children learn the necessary skills to problem solve any conflicts they have with their peers while being supported by the practitioners.

6. Your child’s learning may not be evident every day, for example they may not always have something concrete to take home from the crèche such as a drawing or painting. Please feel free to discuss your child’s development with their key worker, come into their classroom to see their art work displayed and peruse the curriculum at the entrance to see the wide range of varied learning experiences the children have access to.

7. Fees are due 51 weeks of the year as we are closed over the Christmas period and therefore this is not charged. The fees are also payable for all Bank Holidays and for Good Friday.
8. Fees are payable at the beginning of each week or month, and if your child leaves four weeks’ notice is required. Also please note that we now have facilities for direct debit payments, if this is more convenient.

9. All parents must always read and sign our policy documents and abide by all the policies.

10. Parent consent is required in the following instances:
- Before any trips or outings.
- Any administration of medicine.
- On the enrolment form for their child commencing attendance with the service.

For more information on any aspect of our childcare policies,
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