Whitefriars Rooms

Baby Room

We have a small and homely baby room with fully qualified childcare practitioners who are committed to meeting your baby’s needs. Parents/careers usually enrol their baby with us from eight months but we are insured to take babies from three months old. Babies are at their happiest when their needs are being met through their own routine. When a baby starts with us we nurture their own routine from home, whatever their sleep times, bottles, meal times etcetera, have been at home we continue to facilitate this in crèche until they are one year old. From the baby’s first birthday we slowly change their routine to the ‘crèche’ routine in preparation for the wobbler room, children normally move from the baby room to the wobbler room at fourteen months old. A typical day in the baby room includes singing songs, sensory play/ messy play, painting, garden time, facilitating child led play and many more fun activities which will help your baby meet their developmental milestones. The practitioners will also record the day’s events in your child’s daily record book and on collection practitioners and parents liaise with each other regarding the baby’s general wellbeing and how their day went. We ask parents / carers to provide formula bottles or expressed mother’s milk, nappies, wipes, nappy cream and a change of clothes every day.

The Wobbler Room

Children are approximately fourteen months old when they join the wobbler room. The room is full of age appropriate toys and designed for the children who are still a little unsteady on their feet. There are grab rails, push along walkers and low down shelves for the children to steady themselves when learning to walk and to pull themselves off the floor into a standing position. The childcare practitioners in the wobbler room will be able to meet your child’s developmental needs by providing learning opportunities for them to explore in a fun and safe environment, through laughing, talking, singing, sensory play, music and movement, stories, art and craft, baking and outdoor play. The children thrive in this play based environment and their development is recorded through observations, learning stories and developmental records which are shared with parents in addition to the children’s daily record books.

For more information on any of our rooms, please get in contact with Whitefriars Childcare Ltd. today.

The Toddler Room

The toddler room is designed to meet the needs of the two to three year olds. This is achieved by having a mix of interest areas such as construction, home corner and small world play for the children to explore and play in. The child care practitioners provide a mix of floor and table top activities for the toddlers to introduce them to group activities (in preparation for Montessori) which encourages turn taking, sharing and listening skills. The toddler room primarily has an Aistear play based curriculum but the children get an introduction to some early Montessori activities which we call ‘work’ this enables the children to develop their concentration skills and encourages independence because the children choose their own ‘work’ and learn self-care skills such as spooning, pouring, buttoning and polishing.
Our day in the toddler room is generally very busy, as mentioned above there are lots of opportunities for the children to play and the practitioners support this by offering learning experiences which come from the children’s emerging interests (that is from observations and learning stories) such as process art, messy play, garden time games, baking, jungle gym, obstacle courses, drawing and mark making, Zumba, dress up and role play. With the combination of a stimulating learning environment and incorporating activities that have come from the children’s interests the children are very happy in the group which is no small feat for a group of children going through the terrible twos!


The Montessori room is tailored for children between three to five years of age, with a mixture of interest areas, spaces for group work, play areas for floor play and spaces to relax i.e. the book corner. The room is led by Montessori teachers and childcare practitioners who are qualified to deliver a high standard of care through Aistear and Montessori curriculums and who work with the children in small groups and on a one to one basis to meet the children’s individual needs.
The children have Montessori work time in the mornings and afternoons and are provided with a range of planned activities throughout the day which include science experiments, art and craft, circle time, drawing, role play, dress up, baking, messy play, Irish dancing, yoga, Gymboree, mark making / drawing, cutting and literacy work.
During outdoor play we encourage the children’s physical development, we have a range of sports equipment and toys that the children can play with and develop their gross motor skills. We plan trips and love to get out as often as possible we have attended music classes in Christ Church and go to the farm in the spring time or to the park weather permitting.
Some parents think of Montessori as preparation for ‘big’ school and expect their child to know all their letters and numbers before they leave us. Quite often the children do know all their letters and numbers but sometimes they may only know the letters in their name, the letters in their family’s names and they may know a handful of numbers one to ten. We do not put pressure on the children to learn these, if they have an interest we facilitate this and encourage it. If they do not want to learn them we let the children guide their learning and offer many opportunities for them to learn letters and numbers throughout their time with us. What we do strongly encourage though is respect for others, being a good friend, turn taking, social skills, independence, self-care skills and talking in a group. We do this by modelling these behaviours for the children, and offering encouragement for any area they are struggling with. We feel that these skills can be more important for children going to school that knowing basic numbers and letters. If a child is comfortable speaking in a group, can do things for themselves and has the social skills to make friends they will be a lot happier in school than someone who can recognise numbers one to ten.
Parental involvement is a big deal to us in Montessori and is valued immensely, we frequently invite parents in to our class to take part in activities, help on a trip or get involved in one of our celebrations. The children love when a parent, carer or family member comes in and said parent, carer or family member loves to be involved as well.

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